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Tricks to Pose Like a Professional in Your Wedding Photos in Bend

by | May 28, 2024 | Photo Booth

Are you planning to get married in Bend? Wedding photographs are capable of making the bride and groom teleport to an unforgettable day. These beautiful and elegant portraits in which the protagonists show their best smile are combined with images in which there is no shortage of love, also scenes with the guests, at the ceremony or the banquet, and the always exciting preparations. All these snapshots are parts of a whole, a wedding album that will be passed down from generation to generation. That is why it is common for the couple, and especially the bride, to want to look radiant and authentic in the photos of such a special day.

At Oregon Sunshine Bus, we want your special day to stand out, that is why we give you tips for posing and taking photos at your wedding in Bend. Of course, we not only give you advice, but you will also have our vintage VW bus with the best photographic equipment and professionals for a spectacular photo booth session.

Tips on Wedding Photography Poses 

Long Live Spontaneity

When it comes to the bride and groom looking good in an image, it is essential to have a good team of photographers. It is very important that they feel that they are not going to have to make a great effort to make exaggerated poses and that the result will be ‘cheesy’ photos.

Another thing we always do is send you samples of our wedding photos and previous work; this seems very relevant to us because what is shown on Instagram or the website is not the same as the real professional work of a wedding from start to finish.

Our photo booth rental in Bend believes in spontaneity; they think that only in this way is it possible to get beautiful images, and they demonstrate it with each of their snapshots.

Talking to Each Other

A couple’s everyday behavior is the best scene to capture. He understands that a walk through the wedding space can be enough for a memorable image full of complicity.

In general, and especially boys, they are reluctant to pose, so we always think it is a good idea to make them walk and talk to each other. We stay a little on the sidelines so that they can let loose and there are always moments of complicity and laughter (sometimes from pure nerves) that we respond with a joke to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

We must not underestimate naturalness; some photos with the couple talking, walking, holding hands, and our vintage bus in the background will make a cute photo shoot in Bend.

Hand Contacts

Couple photos look more exciting when there seems to be a close connection between the couple. Natural expressions should come in the display of affection, with the couples with hands joined. We always recommend that couples remain in their natural state. At Oregon Sunshine Bus, we capture images with hand contacts. These kinds of photos say a lot and look beautiful in the wedding album.

A Simple Look

When it comes to getting a good image of the bride, the choice of her look is important and is completely linked to the attitude that she can show on the big day.

The bride must not overload herself too much so she can be as much of herself as possible on the wedding day. If she looks as natural as possible in the photos, she will appear just as she is, and when the years go by, she will see herself fully reflected.

The Best Pose is Not to Pose

Perhaps one of the most repeated pieces of advice and a classic in wedding photography is precisely a reminder: Forgetting that there is someone on the other side of the lens will bring out a more natural result. The key to a good photograph is simplicity and spontaneity.

Everything artificial and imposed is not in line with the essence of what the photographer wants to immortalize. The best pose is not to pose. Enjoy and have a good time! That is the best advice to be given on one’s wedding day.

Ideal Locations

When taking a photograph it is important to make an appropriate composition. Playing with negative space and lighting is as important as the object to be photographed, which in this case is the bride and groom.

Fortunately, Bend has some great wedding venues, places like Smith Rock State Park, Shevlin Park, and Dillon Falls. Oregon Sunshine Bus is the photo booth rental for every location in Bend and throughout the Pacific Northwest. It adds sparkle and a touch of funk to any photo you take.

Final words

Now you know the best way to strike a pose in your wedding with the best photo booth rental. Oregon Sunshine Bus is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a photo booth for their wedding; it adds an element of fun to your event. 

Our photo bus is equipped with the latest photo booth technology and exciting props, making your event unforgettable. Contact us and ask for packages that fit your budget. 

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