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Top 8 Gorgeous Locations in the Pacific Northwest for Your Wedding Photography

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Wedding Photo shoots

Are you looking for the perfect venue in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon? You are in the right place. Here, we will shed light onto some of the most beautiful Pacific Northway locations that are simply awesome for a cute photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest has a variety of locations for pre-wedding photoshoots. From sandy beaches to lush green forests to meandering rivers, the backdrops are lens-friendly, and the pictures you get are quite awesome.

So, if you are planning your pre-wedding photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest, you can try these 8 places for nothing less than magnificence in every shot.

#1 Mt. Rainier

This 14,490 ft. glacier-peaked volcano is based 60 miles south of Seattle. The view is breathtaking. But with the Seattle rain, you can spot the top on only about 100 days per year. But when the rains stop, the view is simply dominating.

The National Park surrounding Mt. Rainer with lush forest and beautiful wildflowers in August is the perfect venue for a pre-wedding photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest. Clicking on amazing photos becomes easier with a gorgeous backdrop, and Mt. Rainer offers just that.

#2 Snoqualmie Pass

Winter months, from November to April, are the perfect time to take an easy drive to Snoqualmie Pass and be surrounded by a magical winter forest filled with snow. On a clear winter day, when the light is beautiful and buttery, it makes a gorgeous backdrop for the perfect pre-wedding shots that you are looking for. If you plan to visit this place, don’t forget to carry winter gear for a unique photoshoot experience.

#3 Mount Vernon Tulip Fields

Spring is the time for acres and acres of blooming tulips on the Skagit Valley, and they offer the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. There are tulips and tulips, as far as you can see, dotted with blue mountains in the background. This breathtaking view not only looks amazing but is the perfect location to make your pre-wedding pictures gleaming with smiles and shines.

#4 Stevens Pass, Washington

If you want the rainy weather to soak your mood in love, you must visit Stevens Pass. Known as one of the rainiest areas in Washington, the old fir forests are magnificent and mesmerizing.

Perfect for forest photography and waterfalls, this place adds love to two love-soaked souls as it gives the perfect and unique photographs for your pre-wedding photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest.

#5 Diablo Lake

It is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts year-round. The endless hikes around this area make you come across a great many lakes, particularly Diablo Lake. The magnificent views of this area draw people from all over the Pacific Northwest, and should definitely be on the top of your list for wedding photography.

If you are planning your pre-wedding photoshoot here, you cannot go wrong with sunset or sunrise. The perfect turquoise color of this lake is, however, found on the brightest sunny days in late summer when the glacial melt occurs.

#6 Wallace Falls State Park, Washington

Wallace Falls stands out as one of the most enchanting waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. This state park serves as a haven for landscape photographers, offering twelve miles of splendid foot trails waiting to be explored.

The hike to this particular waterfall spans around five miles round trip, yet it poses no significant difficulty. The journey unveils a magical landscape, with trees adorned in moss and ferns stretching as far as the eye can perceive.

Nestled into a canyon adorned with fir trees, the waterfall itself is a breathtaking sight. Optimal lighting for those fond of long exposures can be found in the morning, so bring along a tripod.

#7 Lost Lake, Oregon

Moving on to Lost Lake in Oregon, it’s a haven for enthusiasts of mountain lakes. Offering one of the finest views of Mt. Hood, this location is a short drive from Hood River. Campsite reservations or first-come, first-served drive-up options are available. The captivating morning views make for magical photo opportunities, especially with the potential for stunning astrophotography as the Milky Way graces the backdrop behind Mt. Hood. Couple photos on your pre-wedding photoshoot in Oregon will only catch the most magical hues at this location.

# 8 Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon, featuring the iconic Haystack Rock, is a timeless destination for photographers exploring the Pacific Northwest. Ecola State Park provides a unique angle from which to view Haystack Rock, while a hike down to Crescent Beach offers an even more extraordinary perspective.


These 8 places offer the most breathtaking views and opportunities for the perfect pre-wedding pictures you are looking for. The best photos come when the setting is perfect, and the Pacific Northway in Oregon offers the most breathtaking views for a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot.

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