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Top 8 Beautiful Locations for Wedding Photo Shoots in Bend

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Wedding Photo shoots

Planning your wedding in Bend, Oregon, and not knowing the places where you’ll get the most memorable shots? We are here to help. As the leading photo booth rental in Bend, we are well aware of the most amazing locations where your wedding photos will be nothing less than extraordinary.

Bend is a photographer’s paradise, and the breathtaking views of its natural landscape are amazing, no matter at what time of the year you visit the place. From towering mountains, pine forests, and cascading waterfalls to alpine lakes, Bend features an abundance of unforgettable natural backdrops perfect for your wedding photoshoot.

However, you need to keep two things in mind. First, the time of the year you are visiting the place because the snow in winter can prevent you from reaching certain places, and the summers can make certain places challenging for photoshoots.

Secondly, you must know the places where you are going to have breathtaking backdrops to make your photoshoot lovable and memorable.

Get a thorough picture of Bend and the places where your wedding photoshoot is going to give you the experience of a lifetime.

#1. Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock stands out as a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike. The towering cliffs, jagged peaks, and meandering river create a striking setting for portraits. Easily accessible trails make it ideal for family photoshoots, couple’s sessions, or individual portraits. While Smith Rock is a year-round gem, shooting mid-week is advisable to escape weekend crowds and secure convenient parking. The golden hour at sunset unveils the landscape’s true beauty, casting a warm glow over the rugged terrain.

#2. Dutchman Flat

A short drive up the Cascade Lakes Highway leads to Dutchman Flat, one of Bend’s hidden gems. With views of Mount Bachelor, the Three Sisters Mountains, and Brokentop Mountain, this location offers a picturesque setting. A brief 5-10 minute trail walk from the parking lot reveals an expansive flat area, perfect for capturing the glowing mountains during sunset and a cute photoshoot in Bend. Whether in summer or winter (depending on road conditions), Dutchman Flat provides a variety of mountain views close to town, making it an excellent choice for a photoshoot getaway.

#3. Shevlin Park

Shevlin Park boasts diversity with its split personality. Upper Shevlin presents open trails and fields with distant mountain views, while Lower Shevlin showcases pine tree forests and vibrant aspen groves, especially during the fall. Both are great for a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot in Bend. This location accommodates various preferences, offering easy access, a range of settings, and flexibility in timing. Families with young children will appreciate the quiet ambiance, convenient location in town, and ample space for exploration.

#4. Sparks Lake

For those seeking truly breathtaking vistas, Sparks Lake along the Cascade Lakes Highway is a must-visit. A 15-20 minute drive up a dirt road leads to this scenic spot, known for its mountain views. Best photographed in the hour before sunset, Sparks Lake requires a vehicle with good ground clearance due to the unpaved road. Accessible only in the summer months, this location is favored for family, senior, and branding portraits. Optimal shooting times are mid-week to avoid the influx of photographers and visitors during the sunset hour.

#5. Oregon Badlands Wilderness

For a remote, wide-open desert ambiance, the Oregon Badlands Wilderness is a perfect choice. Just a short drive from Bend, this location offers ample space for any type of photoshoot. With its tranquility, year-round accessibility, and stunning sunsets, the Oregon Badlands Wilderness is ideal for those wanting a secluded, desert-themed photoshoot. Off-leash dog-friendly trails add to the appeal of pet-centric sessions.

#6. Downtown Bend

Downtown Bend provides an urban backdrop with a mix of classic and contemporary scenes. Bond St. exudes a downtown feel with brick walls and charming alleyways, while Drake Park offers picturesque scenery. The Old Mill District and The Box Factory walking areas contribute to the urban vibe. Best captured mid-week, the ideal time for photography varies by location. Downtown Bend is suitable for smaller groups or individuals who can navigate the bustling city environment.

#7. Dillon Falls

If waterfalls and rapids are what you want for your wedding photography, you should not look much beyond Dillon Falls. It features a cascading waterfall, is very accessible, and aptly showcases the greener wildlife of Bend. Sahalie Falls is another waterfall area where you would love the green mossy scenery.

#8. Oregon Photo Bus

If you are looking for a truly fun and memorable photoshoot, you can always try Oregon Photo Bus for a wedding rentals in Bend. Our buses are photo booths that add glitz and a touch of funk to any photo you take. If you do not have the budget for extravagant outdoor photography, you can always connect with us for the memory you will cherish for years to come.


Pre-wedding photography is a way to cherish some lovely moments together and take home some beautiful souvenirs for you to cherish for years. If you are planning your wedding in Bend, Oregon, you can choose from the list above to click the best moments at the loveliest backdrops. All the places mentioned above are accessible and around an hour’s drive from Downtown Bend. Oregon Sunshine is always ready to add fun to your wedding, and you can always count on us for the best photo booth services in Oregon.

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