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Pros and Cons of An Outdoor Wedding

by | May 20, 2024 | Photo Booth, Wedding locations

An outdoor wedding adds a lot of character and special romanticism as it offers the natural beauty of the place. However, an organization of this caliber can pose many difficulties for the couple, and it is advisable to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of a celebration of these characteristics to assess whether it is the most appropriate option for your wedding.

It is no secret that an outdoor wedding usually provides added value to the marriage celebration, an element that translates into greater romanticism and exclusivity. However, during the planning of a celebration of this type, some drawbacks occur.

Are outdoors the best places to get married? We invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of outdoor weddings to determine if this is the most viable alternative.

Advantages of Celebrating An Outdoor Wedding

Nature is gaining more and more prominence at weddings as it offers a magical and special ambience for that special day. An outdoor wedding adds the music of birds, the tranquillity of trees, and that cottage-core aesthetic that is so trendy.

Natural Decoration

Outdoor weddings take place in a natural environment, surrounded by flowers, trees, and plants. This creates a greater feeling of peace and provides that touch of romanticism that couples look for in this type of celebration. It is also one of the best places to take engagement and wedding photos.

You and your beloved guests will be surrounded by natural vibes and views that can hardly be achieved in indoor environments. Is there anything more beautiful than witnessing your wedding ring ceremony at a sunset at sea? The open-air space will give you the possibility of creating original and very creative environments in diverse spaces: the countryside, parks, beaches, squares, farms, a mountain, and a forest. Can you imagine your wedding in the middle of a beautiful garden?

Gorgeous Natural Light and Beautiful Photos

Natural light not only beautifies the landscapes but also makes the photos, the main souvenir of your big day, picture perfect. This, together with the subtlety of the wedding dress model and the beautiful views, gives your photo album an extra touch of authenticity and shine. Even if it is a very sunny or somewhat cloudy day, our photo bus can find the precise location to have the necessary lighting, especially if it is early in the morning or just before sunset.

The photographs captured at this type of event are usually spectacular since they take place in a perfect environment to portray the couple’s most special moments. In addition, guests tend to enjoy each of the elements that surround them.

A Warm, Festive, and Friendly Atmosphere

The outdoors provides enough space for the presence of children and even pets. It is the ideal place to organize some fantastic games in which the family is integrated while celebrating love. How about a giant Jenga that makes the day fun for everyone and entertains children and adults in the space between the ceremony and the reception?

An outdoor wedding invites guests to relax because they can enjoy a less hectic and more serene celebration. Guests can even wear more informal clothing since the etiquette rules are less demanding.

Big Spaces for Big Weddings

Outdoor spaces tend to have a larger capacity, so if you send your wedding party design to a significant number of people, the outdoors will be one of the best places to get married. Unlike weddings in indoor spaces, where capacity is limited, outdoor spaces can be adapted to what is required and are ideal for a wedding with many guests.

These celebrations open the way to creativity, allowing you to innovate in many details and make that day unique and unforgettable.

Cons of Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor events involve a greater number of things that are out of your control, which makes them a high bet for having a perfect wedding. In any case, you should think carefully before opting for open-air arrangements. If you want everything under control, can’t handle complicated logistics, or hate insects, perhaps the outdoors may not be the best place to get married after all.

Climate Exposure

The weather is one of the elements over which you have no control, so it is one of the great uncertainties when celebrating an outdoor wedding. It is impossible to know in advance whether it will rain or whether it will be sunny. Therefore, it is recommended to celebrate during July and August, when there is less chance of rain.

Although they expect bright sunshine, the day may be cloudy or rainy. So it will be better to have a plan B: for example, some good tents to protect the guests from light rain, or some indoor space for the wedding in case there is a real downpour. Additionally, the direction and intensity of the wind can be unexpected. The appropriate thing to do will be to have up-do hairstyles and makeup that can withstand them. Warn guests about the weather on your wedding website.

The Bugs

Having a wedding in a natural space includes the company of small animals and insects: mice, bees, wasps, or the popular mosquitoes. Counteracting them is possible if you contract fumigation in advance.

It is a very common problem at outdoor weddings: the influx of pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, or other insects, which can be very uncomfortable and make your special day a not-so-perfect one. So it’s best to find a way to keep them away from the celebration, but how? You can choose to place some natural repellents on the tables, including lemon, bay leaf, citronella, or jasmine.

Complex Logistics

An outdoor wedding involves more complex planning since it involves having to prepare a place in such a way that a perfect wedding is achieved. This implies having to place heaters in case it is cold, a tent in case it rains, outdoor bathrooms for guests, etc., which entails greater logistics for the couple.

The place has to be completely conditioned to achieve the dream wedding. In addition, extra expenses may arise to prepare the place, rent and transport the necessary furniture that we must take into account.

The Sound

Unlike an indoor space where sound is a requirement that is usually met with ease, at an outdoor wedding, making sure all guests hear what is happening at the ceremony and reception is a challenge. They will solve it by providing for the installation of an adequate sound system and an electrical plant that allows its operation. Don’t forget to do at least one sound check.

Also, keep in mind that some outdoor places like parks and museums have a regulated schedule to play music at a certain volume, so if you want the party to last all night this is something you should take into account when choosing your location.


Hosting your outdoor wedding may involve making a few adjustments here and there. However, it is your wish, it is your special day, and you can make it sublime and unforgettable. Isn’t the view of your wedding on the beach or the perfect match of the bridal bouquet with the colors of the flowers of your favorite park worth it? That, just as in life, difficulties are opportunities to obtain extraordinary results. Dare to have the most beautiful and charming outdoor wedding!

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