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Outdoor Photography in Ashland: What You Need to Know

by | May 7, 2024 | Photo Booth

If you’re looking to capture stunning portraits in an outdoor setting, Ashland provides the perfect backdrop for one or more subjects.

Outdoor photography is usually a favorite among photographers. It is also one of the most common photographs among professionals and amateurs.

While outdoor photography is a popular choice, it can be pretty challenging due to various factors such as lighting, weather, and other environmental factors. If you want to make the most of your outdoor photo shoots, we can provide tips and tricks to help you set up the perfect outdoor photo booth in Ashland and capture stunning photos.


The location is a recurring and significant theme when starting to schedule a photo session. Whatever the theme, the area will play a secondary role, and in some cases a leading role, in all the photographs. Therefore, the choice of setting must have an aesthetic and narrative purpose.

Furthermore, the environment must be consistent with the people or elements of what you want to photograph. So, this decision will be crucial when planning an outdoor session.

Fortunately, Ashland has unique photography spots where you can do your photo sessions. Places like Lithia Park, Crater Lake, and Mount Ashland offer beautiful locations for your photoshoot.


Although we sometimes have captivating spaces, this means that some directions or directions of location are ideal for carrying out the session.

The position of the sun, the inclusion of various elements, or the omission of objects you do not want to appear in the scene must, if you planned, it will generate a better composition.

The Japanese garden in Lithia Park, the ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, and Ashland Vineyards and Wineries offer outstanding backgrounds for your Photo booth in Ashland. Also, the Oregon Sunshine Bus provides a funky, vintage background that is excellent for your photoshoot.


When taking pictures, you can position the subject in the center of the image or on one of the sides while following the rule of thirds. Additionally, you may use trees, paths, or other vegetation to convey depth and compose the image based on the shape of these elements.


When taking outdoor photos, many distractions can interfere with the communication between the photographer and the model. Therefore, it is essential to concentrate and communicate precisely and enjoyably. 

Photographers can engage in light conversation before starting the photo session to establish a good rapport with the model. They can also create a relaxed atmosphere by making the model laugh and discussing the goals and objectives of the photographs, considering the model’s personality.

Diversity of plans

One of the main advantages of outdoor photography is the diversity of shots we can generate, from a large general shot that astonishes us with the landscape to detailed shots that tell us much more than a photo taken in a studio.

Strike a Pose

Regarding your Photo booth in Ashland, the most crucial details are the pose and expressions of the subject. Utilizing body movements to interact with the surroundings and clothing, among other elements, can allow for a range of expressions that depend on the purpose of the shoot and the message you wish to convey.

You can also take some props from our bus to help make your expression more vivid and your pose different.


Some people mistakenly believe that outdoor lighting is unnecessary since the sun already provides light. However, this is only partially true. We should always rely on something other than natural light to illuminate outdoor spaces.

There may be situations outdoors where artificial lighting equipment, modifiers, and accessories are necessary to gain complete control over the lighting. Knowing how to use these tools can help us in difficult situations.

One of the main challenges of outdoor lighting is that we can only sometimes control natural light. However, through various techniques and flash, we can master natural light and achieve the desired lighting effects.


Using shadows in photography can add depth and dimension to your images. Utilizing the sun not only illuminates your subjects but can also create captivating photos.


To create visually appealing outdoor photographs, it’s essential to consider the color patterns in the location. You can use colors that match or complement each other to create a cohesive look. Alternatively, contrasting colors can create a rich and dynamic visual experience. Defining the color scheme before the photo session will help you avoid taking dull or washed-out photographs that lack visual interest.

Use of flash

A quick-fire flash will be your best ally when doing an outdoor photo shoot. It helps you overcome the sunlight and provides controlled light to the model’s body. Always use a modifier like a softbox or umbrella to soften the light. A light bouncer can be very helpful for reflecting sunlight or one of your flashes.

Time of the day

Midday is not the ideal time for outdoor photography. The best hours to take pictures outside are those close to sunrise and sunset. Among the two, sunset is preferable since the sun is warmer and the lighting is more flattering.

Of course, it will also depend on the photography you want to take. Do you like stars to appear in your photo? How about a deep tone of blue in the sky? Do you want to create light paintings in your photography? The choice of how you want to have the best photo booth in Ashland is up to you.

A Vision of Another World

Outdoor photography requires the development of various skills. You must have a deep understanding of how to utilize different variables such as light, weather, time, and composition to your advantage. Additionally, you must know how to handle various circumstances by having reasonable control over your equipment, lighting, perspective, and creativity.

Understanding the physics of light will help you appreciate the world around you more profoundly. The key to capturing high-quality images lies in mastering the correct techniques and a creative and well-composed approach that allows you to achieve images that closely align with your vision of the world.

Our photo bus is equipped with the latest and most advanced photo booth technology, ensuring an unforgettable outdoor photo booth experience. We offer a wide range of unique and exciting props, allowing you to create a truly personalized photo booth experience.

Choose from our customized packages and let our friendly attendant care for everything else. Contact us today to secure your date and make your event memorable.

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