Your Premier Mobile Photo Booth in Portland

Are you planning a party, wedding, or private event? Look no further than the Oregon Sunshine Bus! Our mobile photo booth is here to vibe up the air of your event with our unique, festive, and mobile VW photo booth.

Oregon Sunshine Bus is the perfect choice to create lasting memories for your special event in Portland. We are here to entertain your guests with funky costumes and a one-of-a-kind experience in our custom VW photo booth. We understand the importance of ensuring your guests have a fantastic time, and our photo booth is designed to do just that—create fun and lasting memories for everyone!

Experience snapping at the colourful mobile photo bus with the Oregon Sunshine! Our mobile photo booth in Portland brings fun and excitement to any private or corporate event in Portland and its surrounding areas.

In today’s era of advanced technology, spending time on social media, using cameras, and taking professional photos have become common on every occasion. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, social meet, street fair, or corporate event, our unique mobile photo booth on wheels is a perfect add-on!

What’s Exactly A Photo Booth on Wheels?

Our distinctive photo booth is housed in a 1960s VW 15-window bus! Oregon Sunshine Bus in Portland offers guests the opportunity to capture their happy moments at any event. First, we set up the photo bus. Then, we invite your guests to dress up, hop in, and take snaps! Everyone can enjoy selfie and groufie sessions in and around the bus and share happy moments on social media! 

Our photo booth stands out from traditional photo sessions. Our custom VW photo booth bus drives in, parks, and sets up, ready to go in just 30-45 minutes! All at a Go. Your guests can join photo sessions at any time during the event, snapping shots with smiling friends and happy faces whenever they like!

Rent Our Photo Booths in Portland

Bring a lively atmosphere to your special event with our photo booth rentals in Portland. Here’s why our photo booths can raise your celebration to new heights.

Fun and Entertainment

The Oregon Sunshine photo booth provides guests with fun and enjoyment. Interactive activities keep the party vibe going.

Memories That Last A Lifetime

Capture fresh memories with our instant, high-quality photo prints! Unlike traditional photographers, who focus on posed shots, our photo booth captures carefree, light-hearted moments that perfectly resonate with the event’s spirit.

Social Media Gathering

For the past few years, sharing photos on social media platforms has become a popular trend among individuals of different age groups. Our Oregon Sunshine photo bus features instant photo-sharing options, allowing guests to post and share their favorite moments on the social media platforms they use.

Outstanding Experiences

Give your guests an unforgettable experience they’ll cherish forever! Our custom photo booth adds a touch of charm and excitement to any event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday celebration, social gathering, corporate event, street fair, or private event. Oregon Sunshine Bus photo booth in Portland ensures every guest leaves with memories to treasure!

Get the Best Photos with Our Photo Rentals

Looking to capture the best moments of your life? Look no further! Whether it’s a wedding, social gathering, or corporate event, Oregon Sunshine Bus has got you covered.

Based in Portland, Oregon, we offer high-end photo booth rental in Portland to make your event a success. Our custom VW Photobus is equipped with fun and unique props and themes, ensuring that your guests leave with smiles and laughter captured in every shot. When searching for a unique photo booth in Portland, Oregon, you’ll find us ready to make your event unforgettable. Get in touch with us today to elevate your special occasion!

Getting Hitched? Enjoy Delightful Photo Sessions

Getting married? The arrangement takes a lot of responsibility, and you want every moment captured perfectly. That’s where we jump in. Explore the affordable wedding venues in Portland and enjoy the bash. At Oregon Sunshine Bus, we understand the importance of those candid moments and traditional rituals and customs. We offer a specially outfitted wedding photo booth van at Portland wedding venues to capture every smile, every laugh, and every loving glance between you and your partner.

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become increasingly popular in recent years, and our custom VW photo bus is the perfect addition to your celebration. With funky props and unique themes, we ensure that your photos are as memorable as your big day. 

Whether you’re getting married in Portland or anywhere else in Oregon, our team is all up for making your event unforgettable. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can add extra magic to your special day.

What makes us stand apart?

Special Experience

Our photo booth focuses on capturing your unique personality and free expression. Each photo session reflects your individuality, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Keepsake Box of Memories

Our high-resolution photos are instant reminders of the joy shared at your event. These amusing mementoes capture the affinity and fun, offering cherished memories for years to come.

All-Embracing Environment

Our photo booth in Portland is a welcoming space for guests of different ages and backgrounds. It’s where everyone comes together under one canopy, creates bonds over cute photoshoots, and celebrates the occasion as one.

Attention to Minute Details

We leave no stone unturned in making your photo booth experience perfect. From customized photo cards to carefully chosen props and backdrops, we pay close attention to every detail, ensuring your satisfaction exceeds expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Oregon Sunshine Bus isn’t only a photo booth. It’s a mobile party experience that brings fun and spice wherever it rolls! We sprinkle happiness always, ensuring unforgettable memories for all the guests. Whether you’re in Oregon or around, our vibrant photo bus is ready to liven up your occasion at the more in-demand places to take pictures in Portland. Book with us and let our photo booth capture those special moments. Explore our range of packages and services. From weddings to corporate events, private parties and street fairs, we have something for you. Contact us today, and let’s cherish memories for a lifetime.