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    Welcome to the Oregon Sunshine Bus!

    Are you planning a party, wedding or private event?  Our mobile photo booth in Oregon can enhance the vibe of your amazing event with our unique, festive and mobile VW photo booth.

    Oregon Sunshine Bus is an ideal option to create lasting memories for your Special Event. Let us entertain your guests with funky and fun costumes and a unique experience in our custom VW photo booth. When you’re having an event, you want your guests to enjoy their time; our photo booth is the perfect choice to create fun and lasting memories! Our photo booth is perfect for those who want to add a unique flavor to their event. 

    Get an excellent mobile photo booth experience with Oregon Sunshine Bus! Our mobile photo booth adds fun and excitement to any private or corporate event in Oregon and its surrounding locations.

    What is A Mobile Photo Booth?

    In today’s modern society, Social media, cameras, filming or professional photoshoots have become essential to almost every occasion. Weddings, birthdays, social gatherings and corporate events are all perfect occasions for our unique mobile photo booth on wheels! So, what is a photo booth on wheels?  Our unique photo booth is in a 1960s VW 15-window bus!  Oregon Sunshine Bus, based in Bend, Oregon, offers guests a chance to snap their happy moments at any event; we set up the photo bus where you encourage your guests to dress up, hop in and take snaps! Everyone can enjoy a selfie session together in and around the bus and share high-quality images on social media! Our photo booth is different from traditional photo booths, as our custom VW photo booth bus drives in, parks up, and sets us up, and we are ready! It takes just 30-45 minutes to get going!  Your guests can join photo sessions at any time during the event. Guests can snap shots with smiling friends and happy faces whenever they like!

    Hire Our Photo Booth Bus for Rent Based in Central Oregon

    Our mobile photo booth can make your event even more exciting! Our Photo Booth can take your celebration to the next level!  Bend, Ashland, Portland, and Klamath Falls are some of the places where we operate our mobile photobooth in Oregon.

    Our Photo Booth in Oregon Can –

    1. Spread Joy and Happiness

    People love taking selfies or finding a selfie zone or photo booth. People feel happy sharing their photos on social media. Oregon Sunshine Bus delights them by capturing people at their best moments for lasting memories.

    2. Create Timeless Memories

    Moments become memories. People love to pose for candid photos when they are celebrating at a party, private event or happy occasion. Our mobile photo booth offers a unique, free-flowing experience that everybody loves!

    3. Encourage Social Media Sharing

    In today’s digital world, social media has become an essential part of one’s everyday life. Sharing images on different social media handles has been a prevalent practice in our modern society. Our photo booth features instant photo printing and photo-sharing options via various social media channels. 

    4. Create A Unique Experience

    Our custom mobile photo booth can add a touch of novelty and charm to any event. Your guests will never forget the amazing and unique experience. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, social meet, corporate event, or any other celebration, Our mobile photobooth and custom photoshoots in Oregon are awesome and Fun!

    What Makes Us Unique

    Unconventional Approach

    Oregon Sunshine Bus adds a happy and fun-filled vibe to any event or venue. Unlike conventional photographers who capture organized and preplanned moments, our custom VW bus captures the candid, light-hearted moments of your Wedding or special event. Whether it is a wedding or birthday party, we are ready to make your event as memorable as possible! Enjoy the best snapshots with Oregon Sunshine Bus.

    Customized Appeal

    Your guests will entertain themselves with our photo booth bus decked with fun and funky props. The ambience will delight your guests and allow them to express their fun and happiness. Hire Oregon Sunshine Bus in Bend, Oregon, for your photo booth rental. 

    High-Quality Photos

     Our photo booth uses Hi-Tech photo equipment with touchscreen technology and user-friendly interfaces. The state-of-the-art equipment prints instantly for the guests. 

    With Oregon Sunshine Bus, you can add a touch of novelty to your event. Feel the vibe and style you want to create while letting our mobile photo booth take all the photos.

    Imprints the Best Memories with Oregon Sunshine Bus

    We love to freeze the best moments of our lives. On any special occasion, for social or corporate meet-ups, weddings, or anything else, Oregon Sunshine Photobooth has you covered! 

    We take pride in our high-end photo booth rental in Bend, Oregon, helping to ensure your event is a success. Our custom VW  Photobus, with its fun, funky, and unique props and themes, captures the moments of smiles and laughter of your guests!

    You will find us while searching for a unique photo booth in Bend, Oregon. If you are planning to host a special event, connect with us. 

    Why Choose Us?

    Oregon Sunshine Bus is more than just a photo booth. It is a party and fun, funky, unique experience on wheels! We add a little spice and happiness to every event, leaving lasting memories for everyone! Connect with us in Bend, Oregon and throughout Oregon. Get your booking done, and let our photo booth capture the precious moments for your guests! Explore our different options, and call us to create a lifetime of memories!