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    Welcome to the Oregon Sunshine Bus!

    Are you up to planning an event? Our photo booth can boost the attraction of your event!
    Photo booth rentals in Bend are the best options to enhance the celebratory vibe and better your experience on a special occasion! It is a fabulous idea to entertain your guests’ urge to take photos of different styles!

    Get a premium and unique photo booth experience with Oregon Sunshine Bus in Bend! Nestled in the heart of Central Oregon, our vibrant photo booth on wheels adds a touch of excitement to weddings, corporate events, private parties, street fairs, and various occasions across Bend, Central Oregon and its surrounding areas.

    Fundamentals of Our Photo Booth

    Our party photo booth is a self-contained photography system that takes an event to a new level of entertainment and excitement! A party photo booth features a camera, backdrop, and lights, creating the ambience for your guests so they can have fun and take amazing photos of the time’s fun!  Experience the photo booth decked up with cool props, and customizable decor allows and encourages your guests to add a personal touch to their photos. From large hats to oversized goggles to speech bubbles to different themed backdrops – the elements can multiply the fun and happiness of a cute photo booth session in Bend!

    Rent Our Photo Booths in Bend

    Our photo booth can add a fun-filled vibe to your special event. Let’s look into several reasons why a photo booth can take your celebration to a different level of joy and grandeur. Our photo booth rentals at Bend offer you the –

    1. Fun and Entertainment

    The Oregon Sunshine photobooth entertains your guests full of fun and enjoyment! Indulge in interactive activities to enjoy the party vibe.

    2. Memories that Last Forever

    Our photo booth instantly prints out custom photo cards for your guests to remember and cherish the memories forever. Unlike traditional photographers who take posed clicks, our photo booth captures carefree and light-hearted moments. The snaps reflect the flavor of the occasion!

    3. Social Media Gathering

    Sharing images on social media platforms has been a common practice among individuals of different ages. Our Oregon Sunshine photo booth offers guests instant photo-sharing options through their social media platforms.

    4. Outstanding Experiences

    Your guests will have an amazing experience that they will never forget! Our custom photo booth adds a touch of spunk, charm, and whatever else you may think of!   A wedding, birthday celebration, social get-together, corporate event, street fair or other private event. Oregon Sunshine Bus photo booth adds a unique flavor, offering the guests an unforgettable experience!

    What Sets Us Apart

    Photo Booth on Wheels: Unlike traditional photography methods, Oregon Sunshine Bus brings the fun directly to your event location. Whether it’s a scenic outdoor wedding or an indoor birthday celebration, our custom VW bus is present there to roll up and capture the special moments. Enjoy the best quality pre-wedding photoshoot in Bend with us. 

    Personalised Experience: From customized props to themed backdrops, Your guests will instantly grab the opportunity to express their emotions in a unique and memorable way.

    High-Quality Prints: We use state-of-the-art tools to ensure that every photo taken is of the highest quality. Guests can instantly receive printed copies of their photos as cherished mementos from the special event.

    Interactive Features: Our photo booth is equipped with touchscreen technology and user-friendly interfaces. The technologies ease the ways to snap, customize, and share photos instantly on social media platforms.

    If you are looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your event, the moving photo booths are an excellent choice. Get the ambience and style you want to create while taking the photos. 

    Wedding Date Finalized? Get Your Pre-wedding and Wedding Photoshoots Sorted

    Weddings are one of the special occasions in an individual’s life. The occasion demands the presence of a team of excellent photographers or brilliant professionals who can take care of every aspect single-handedly. Wedding and Pre-wedding photoshoots have emerged as a popular trend that adds more beauty and magic to the realm of love and union. Oregon Sunshine Bus, with its wedding rental in Bend, captures the amazing moments of you busking in love on your special day. As time passes, couples are embracing the fascinating concept of Pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots in Bend. The custom VW bus, with its artistic props and themes, captures the happy moments, turning those into precious memories. 

    You can find us while searching for a reliable photo booth company that rents custom photo booths on the day or days of your special occasion. We provide high-end services, ensuring your occasion is a success! If you are planning to arrange your wedding or Pre-wedding photoshoot in Bend, connect with Oregon Sunshine Bus Photo Booth.

    Why Our Photo Booth is Unique

    Personalized Touch:

    Each photo session is a personalized experience, allowing guests to showcase their unique personalities and connections with friends and loved ones.

    Memorable Keepsakes:

     Our instant high-quality prints serve as tangible reminders of the joy and camaraderie shared during your event, creating lasting memories that guests can cherish for years to come.

    Inclusive Experience:

    The photo booth provides an inclusive space where guests of all ages and backgrounds can come together to celebrate and create lasting bonds through shared experiences of cute photoshoots in Bend.

    Attention to Detail:

    From the custom design of the photo cards to the selection of props and backdrops, we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of the photo booth experience exceeds expectations.

    Choose Us

    The Oregon Sunshine Bus is more than just a photo booth—it’s a mobile entertainment hub that adds a bit of spice, happiness, and lasting memories! For all your special occasions in Bend, Oregon, Central Oregon, and beyond. Book us for your next event, and let us help you capture the magic of your special moments!