Best 10 locations to take pre-wedding photos in Central Oregon

Best 10 locations to take pre-wedding photos in Central Oregon

by | Dec 31, 2022 | Wedding Photo shoots

Have you ever wondered how the perfect place for pre-wedding photos should be? It should be something that can make you fall in love again. The place must be breathtakingly beautiful to stop you from looking for any alternative but becoming mesmerized by its scenic beauty. Yes! There are at least ten places in central Oregon that are incomparable. We will discuss all the details of these ten places to help you find the perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoot. Read more to become satisfied with the perfect place and pause your unending search for the right spot. 

  • Painted Hills

It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes of drive to reach the Painted Hills from Bend. If you have browsed the photos of Painted Hills before visiting the place, you have to agree that this place is so different from any other location on Earth. The play of colors on the rock! What else do you need to get a perfect colorful backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoot? Visit the place at the time of sunset or sunrise. Have faith in our suggestions as we offer you an invitation to explore the colorful scenic beauty by being at that place personally. Trust the camera to bring out the best colors in the most valued abstract. The experience will be memorable.

Unfortunately, you cannot walk on the hills. You can only take photos from a distance. But the story does not end here. Do not forget that the magic lies in the art of cameras also. Missing the opportunity to visit the place for a pre-wedding shoot can be something like forgoing the best for the ordinary. The beauty speaks its value when the play of colors is contrasted with the blue sky, creamy clouds, rainbows, and distant blue hills. Come and experience it by yourself. 

  • White River Falls

Nothing can make pre-wedding photos more extravagant than the photos of you with your partner, keeping white river falls as the backdrop. The place offers a unique vibe as the white pious river cascades from the top hills and flows along its path. It is nothing different than your marriage which is bound to follow its rocky path overcoming different challenges as a cascade. It is the best location to make your pre-wedding photoshoot significant.

This is not the end! The beauty of the place makes us keep talking about the place as we find it very difficult to stop doing that. Different scenic beauties complement the place. Every location and every site offers a unique view when it is captured on camera. It is not hard to say that the place is perfect for experimenting with the different charisma of a camera. Take the chance and make your best abstracts of pre-wedding photos by including the place in your travel plan. 

  • Fort Rock 

Tell us if you prefer traditional wedding photoshoots over modern ones. Do you make it look casual, high-spirited, or weighty, which carries a lot of seriousness? If you think that the wedding photos must carry a traditional vibe, you should not forgo any opportunity to find Fort Rock State as the best location for pre-wedding photoshoots.

We recommend the place to get some cliche abstracts and visit the nearby homestead museum to give more splash of tradition to your pre-wedding photos. If you ask me to tell you more about Fort Rock, I must include that August is the best time to visit the place. Fort Rock is a volcanic fortress. You will find a sagebrush foreground around the fortress. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the place from Bend through a car drive. You must visit the place at dusk in August when there will be a wide blue sky and yellow rabbitbrush. 

  • Sparks Lake

The lake acts as a mirror to the sky. It looks amazing when at dawn and dusk, the sky is filled with different colors. You can consider it the best place to capture sunrise! The pink sky with blue splash creates a unique illumination which makes the place just right for capturing a snapshot. Beauty must be experienced with your partner. We choose the place as the best location for capturing your pre-wedding photos

You will get a pleasant cool but adventurous vibe in the presence of three distant sister mountains and in the middle of the lake. The artist in you will be eager to capture the crystal clear scenic beauty in a frame that will make your pre-wedding photos look more than perfect. If you want to capture the dizzy beauty of the place, you must visit the spot in the morning when the lake is covered with thick mist.

  • Paulina Peak

Do you feel at the top of the world when you are with your partner? If yes, you must celebrate the precious experience by visiting Paulina Peak for your pre-wedding shoot. It is the best location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the place at dawn when the distant peaks catch the first light. The place will make you feel at the top of the world, reaching the sky high up. The place symbolizes the everlasting bonding which makes each other grow stronger by keeping others at bay. Feel the spirit of the place by being here with your partner. 

  • Smith Rock State Park

Do you climb? Smith Rock State Park is Central Oregon’s number one rock climbing location. The place will be the most adventurous one to include for your pre-wedding photo sessions. The park has several thousand climbs and more than a thousand bolted routes. You can access the location from 15th March to 15th November. 

The rocks surround a deep river canyon. The place is the best location for pre-wedding photoshoots as it offers contrasts with rocks, green bushes, a river canyon, and a wide sky. A perfect place for capturing the best photos from different angles of the location. 

  • McKenzie Pass

Do you love adventures? Do you want to make your pre-wedding photos look adventurous? If yes, you must include McKenzie pass in your list of places for pre-wedding photo shoots. The place is located on the land of Mordor or the lava field of McKenzie pass. The sides of the place are covered with Alpine trees, which enhances the beauty of the place. You will sense the vibe of the vast Three Sister mountains, which make you remember moments of achievements. Make the standstill rocky beauty the symbol of your marriage. Capture the place in your pre-wedding photos to give a start to the new life based on a solid foundation. 

  • Metolius River

The pristine river is the tributary of the Deschutes river. The key reason why we suggest the spot as the best location for a pre-wedding shoot is that the vibrance of the place allows you to do a lot of magic with the camera. The alpine trees, clear stream, rocky walls, and clear blue sky creates ideal contrast to capture nature in the camera. 

It is the place that you cannot avoid capturing in the pre-wedding photos. Imagine you and your partner playing with nature, getting closer to the river, overwhelmed with the bright splash of nature, and many other moments which can be swiftly framed in pre-wedding photo shoots. The vibrant place makes the pictures look majestic when captured from the appropriate angles. The place offers plenty of opportunities to fill your album with amazing photos

  • Todd Lake

It is not at all an ordinary lake. The scenic beauty of the lake will make you and your partner overwhelmed. The silent vibe of the lake roars in high volume. You must be present at the place to experience its dangerous beauty. The high altitude alpine trees, Mt. Bachelor peak, and blue lake with carrying reflection of sky and surroundings create a perfect vista to capture in pre-wedding photos. The best part is you might be lost in the beauty. The artist in you will desire to spend more time in the place. Why would you miss this opportunity to be with your partner before setting off for a new journey?

  • Toketee Falls

You will be captivated by the scenic beauty of the Toketee falls. The flow of pristine water across the rocky walls creates a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for the two of you to get along. Wouldn’t you capture this beauty of nature in your pre-wedding photos? We suggest you keep the place on your list of places to visit so that the quiet, peaceful, captivating scenic beauty stays with you through the new life you are setting for.

These are the ten key places that can help you take candid photos for your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can explore various other locations if you visit Oregon. But, if you set out for a journey to explore different places of Central Oregon to spend a good time while capturing the scenic beauties in pre-wedding photos, forgoing these places will not do good justice to nature. So, we welcome you to be lost in the beautiful vibes of the places, explore the best foods, spend your good days, and stay overwhelmed with our services to make your pre-wedding photo shoot memorable.

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