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3 Fantastic Places to do Photoshoots in Oregon

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Photo Booth, Photoshoots

The state of Oregon, located between Washington and California in the American Pacific Northwest, delights locals and strangers with its magnificent landscapes conducive to adventure. The state is home to mountains of the Cascade Range, such as the majestic Mount Hood, which can be seen from downtown Portland, the state’s largest city.

At Oregon Sunshine Bus, we want to give you a different experience for your events. That is why in this blog, we recommend three special locations: one for your pre-wedding photoshoot, one for your corporate event, and another to celebrate a special birthday.

The three locations we recommend are beautiful and perfect for a photo booth session. Remember to check our website to find out the options we offer.

Mount Hood: A Perfect Location for a Corporate Ski Retreat

If your company is located in Portland, this offers you an attractive base for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those who prefer skiing and snowboarding. The town’s proximity to several ski resorts makes it a convenient getaway to the slopes, with the closest ski areas located near Mount Hood, which is about an hour and a half drive away.

These resorts offer a variety of options for all levels of experience; set against the backdrop of iconic mountain landscapes offer one of the most beautiful places to do photoshoots in Oregon

The resorts in the Mt. Hood region offer a range of winter sports, including alpine skiing and snowboarding. There are several resorts in the area, such as Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood Meadows, that offer exciting terrain and high-elevation thrills. These ski resorts have the highest lift-served terrain in the Pacific Northwest and receive impressive annual snowfall. Additionally, they provide full-service amenities for a comfortable stay.

Willamette Falls, in Oregon City: The Perfect Place to Celebrate a Different Birthday

Suppose you are no longer satisfied with just blowing out the candles and eating cake, and you are looking for a place to spend a different and special birthday. Why not organize an excursion to Willamette Falls and simply enjoy the cool waters to paddle and forget about the spring-tinged heat?

Willamette Falls is the second largest waterfall by volume in the United States (behind only Niagara Falls). For over a century, this stunning site has been closed to the public due to industrial infrastructure built along the water’s edge since the 19th century.

Public spaces are currently being designed that will allow visitors to rediscover the beauty of this imposing waterfall, which is the largest in the Pacific Northwest and the 17th widest in the world.

It has become a popular place for paddling. The short paddle to the base of Willamette Falls not only provides the best view of the monstrous waterfall but is also an eye-opening tour of America’s oldest town west of the Rocky Mountains.

This celebration at this location offers the perfect excuse for a photo session with a photo booth rental in Oregon. Oregon Sunshine Bus is your perfect option to make your birthday celebration more special and unforgettable.

Silver Falls State Park: A Magical Place for Your Wedding Photos

Suppose you’re looking for a special location for your wedding photos. Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is a dream destination for engagement photography, famous for its stunning and varied landscapes.

As Oregon’s largest state park, it offers an incredible variety of natural environments, including its crown jewel, the Ten Falls Trail. This trail winds through dense emerald forests and leads to stunning waterfalls, some of which you can even walk behind for a truly unique photography experience – truly one of the most magical places to do photoshoots in Oregon.

Looking for the perfect picturesque setting for your romantic photoshoot? Look no further. than Silver Falls State Park! With its diverse landscapes, from lush forests and serene streams to majestic waterfalls, there’s no shortage of natural beauty to capture. Whether you visit in the spring to see the vibrant wildflowers or in the fall to witness the fiery colors of the changing leaves, Silver Falls State Park provides an ideal backdrop for couples who love the outdoors. Celebrate your love in the Pacific Northwest’s stunning scenery and create unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Oregon offers fun, magical, and relaxing locations, perfect for celebrating your events and making lasting memories, and what better way to make those memories than with our bus?

Oregon Sunshine Bus provides an exceptional photo booth experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Our photo bus is equipped with the latest and most advanced photo booth technology, ensuring an unforgettable and high-quality experience. We offer a wide range of unique and exciting props, allowing you to create truly personalized and funky moments you won’t forget.

We offer customized packages, and our friendly attendant will take care of everything else. Contact us today to secure your date and make your event unforgettable.

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