10 Best places to take Wedding photos in Central Oregon

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Wedding Photo shoots

Searching for the best location for your wedding photoshoot? You have reached the right place. We have collected the minute details of ten popular Central Oregon places that best fit wedding photo shoot destinations. If you want to capture cozy moments with you and your partner with the best scenes in the backdrop, you can choose all or one of the suggested places. 

You must trust the art of the camera to make each photo memorable. But under the influence of the natural beauty of these places, each photo will require minimal adjustments to bring out the best in every angle. We suggest reading the discussion before making the final plan. 

  • Painted Hills

The colors find the right way to express themselves in Painted Hills. The distant hills add softer vibes in painted colors. You might find a play of nature. Who does not want to play with colors when it comes to weddings? Your wedding photo shoot will be incomplete if you do not chalk out the place in your wedding photo shoot venue. The blend of colors on rocky solids ideally symbolizes successful marriages. 

You must use a long lens to make some great abstracts. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the place at dawn and dusk when dim sunlight will help to capture the best beauty. You will not resist clicking the best wedding photos at Painted Hills. That’s a bet!

  • Fort Rock State Natural Area State Park

If you look at Fort Rock from far away from the place, you will find it as a ring in the middle of a vast field. As you reach close to the rock, you will be able to realize that it is huge. The rock is a great attraction at the state park. You should not miss any opportunity to visit the place in August. In August, the rabbit brush blooms yellow, which adds a volume of beauty to the place.

The color yellow makes the place more vibrant and attractive for the wedding photoshoot. If you are wondering about finding the best place in Central Oregon for shooting wedding photos that is less crowded and adds traditional vibes, Fort Rock can help you achieve that. Visiting this significant place can be made more worthwhile by including plans to visit the nearby homestead museum. The museum’s historic buildings will offer a great beautiful backdrop for a wedding photoshoot. 

  • Scott Lake Willamette National Forest

Scott Lake is one of the secret places which locals like to keep to themselves. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the place for the wedding shoot to take some candid photos capturing the great views in the backdrop. Visit the place in the dawn and dusk where dizzy sunlight and misty atmosphere can make the view perfect for taking the most romantic photos with your partner.  

  • McKenzie Pass

On the way to Scott Lake from the town of Sisters, you pass the lava field of McKenzie pass. The place is best for capturing photos under the rosy light of sunset and sunrise behind the mountains. You need to climb high along the pass so that you can click the best picture. The illuminating glow of the sky will create the best environment for capturing wedding photos. You can do a lot of experiments with the pictures. That is the best part of shooting wedding photos under natural light. 

  • Metolius River Near Camp Sherman

The flow of the pristine river creates the best scenic beauty for doing wedding photo shoots. The stream runs through steep rocky walls. The low current of the river makes it a place to capture candid pictures with your partner. You can capture vistas by being creative with the camera. The green bushes, alpine trees, and clear sky overwhelm you with the tint of blue and green. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a rainbow as well. Otherwise, with your cameras, you can create the vibes of the rainbow in the backdrop to click the best pictures for your wedding photo shoot. 

  • Paulina Peak

Paulina peak is the high point of the Newberry Caldera rim. It is the remains of one of the most massive shield volcanoes. You can find a lot of vistas around the site once you reach the spot. We suggest this place for taking wedding photos if you want to explore key places in Central Oregon. You will feel at the top of the world once you reach the peak. You can travel here by taking the necessary provision to drive back to your place in daylight to maintain optimum safety. 

  • Todd Lake

Come here in the early summer and spring. You will be mesmerized by its scenic beauty. The lake, wildflowers, and northwest wind will make you fall for your loved one. The place will make you more than romantic, if not poetic. The scenic beauty becomes intense under the presence of Black Butte in the background. Black Butte is an extinct volcano in Central Oregon. 

Imagine the exuberant luster of the image clicked in place. When you click your wedding photos in this place, we bet the artists will find it difficult to choose the best words to describe. If you value the beauty in everything, you should find yourself in a place like this with your loving partner to set off on a new journey. 

  • Toketee Falls

Find the everlasting graceful beauty in Toketee falls of Crater Lake National Park. You should not deprive yourself of taking a wedding photo if you choose Central Oregon as a photoshoot destination. The pure water confluence can be a symbol of your partnership. The different structures of the basalt cliff make its stunning look filled with beauty. You only require to make subtle adjustments in the camera to capture the beauty in the background as you click the photo to celebrate bonding for a lifetime. The place will fill you with amazement as its vibe lies in sound, light, shadow, plants, water, and colors.

  • Crater Lake National Park

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholders! When both of you experience the same beauty, you will make your bonding stronger. Crater Lake National Park is the crown of Central Oregon. It is in the cascade mountain of southern Oregon. The place is surrounded by Rim Drive, a passage to travel around the lake. You must visit the place when the sun is up high. 

The beauty will be revealed with its colors. The colorful vibes do not need any digital influence when caught in the camera. As you are setting for a journey of a lifetime, the place will make your wedding photos special memoirs to look back at any time in life. Guess what! The place will remain in your heart. Won’t you like to be caught in the ploy of nature to make your wedding photos memorable?

  • Big Lake, Cascade Range

The Big Lake campground sits at its namesake lake along Santiam pass. You will enjoy the view of the lake with Mt. Washington as the backdrop. You would find many vistas along the side of the lake. Why not get a drive to find your favorite spot for your wedding photoshoot? You will be overwhelmed by its photogenic beauty. Nothing will match the picture-perfect photos bestowed by natural blue and green. Come and capture this beauty in a high-definition camera to frame it for life!

You must explore these ten best places in Central Oregon to choose the best spot for a wedding photo shoot. The best way to explore the places is to take assistance from local guides. There are many places you must visit at dawn and dusk. Therefore, you must make a comprehensive plan for the tour and follow the schedule accordingly. We suggest taking more than one day to explore the places. Take a timeout for a week to get adequate time for rest while exploring the places one by one. After all, you want to make the experience memorable!

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